Cosmetic Surgery Consultations in New Jersey

Here, you and Dr. Fred Coville will meet for a relaxed but systematic discussion of all aspects of the problem under consideration. As with any good surgeon, he will start by reviewing your goals. He will review your medical history and lifestyle, conduct a thorough physical examination, and assess your suitability for cosmetic surgery or other treatments. He may recommend tests before making a definite recommendation. Dr. Fred will aim to educate and inform you about the problem and go on to explain the different ways in which the treatment plan could attempt to solve it. He will then recommend what he considers to be the best procedure to carry out, taking everything into account.

Dr. Coville will:

  • Explain what the procedure or treatment involves
  • Cover the pros and the cons – as well as the risks involved
  • Discuss anesthesia if necessary
  • Review the facility where the operation will be carried out
  • Go over your recovery – how long it will take and how you are likely to feel at each stage.
  • Finally he, and his patient care co-coordinator, will cover fees – his, the surgical center, and the anesthesiologist.

During the Consultation a mutual understanding will hopefully develop.

Dr. Fred will be open with you and will invite you to ask all your questions and air your worries. His answers should be frank and clear. Remember that plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine can achieve a great deal, but they are not perfect sciences. The ideal candidate is healthy and self-confident, well-balanced and realistic in her (or his) expectations. In the unfortunate cases where patients are not completely happy after procedures, the problem usually lies not with the success of the operation but from a lack of communication between the patient and their surgeon. The patient may have expected too much and the surgeon may not have explained things in terms that were completely understandable. It is for this reason the Dr. Coville takes as much time as you need to make sure that you are both on the same page for every aspect of your care. If you ever feel that you don’t fully “get it”, please make sure to let Dr. Coville and his staff aware of this so that any misunderstandings can be cleared up ahead of time.

It is imperative that you have realistic goals and expectations; and that the surgeon makes absolutely certain that you are both on the same page. Over anxious, highly nervous patients who believe a different nose shape or slimmer thighs will save their marriage or land a better job are unlikely ever to be satisfied by what any surgeon can achieve. However, it is also the responsibility of your surgeon to recognize when your goals and what is possible may not be aligned.

Here at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine we approach all of our procedures, therapies, and advice in a team-driven manner. The team consists of you – the patient, Dr. Fred – your surgeon, and all of our staff. Together, all of us will help you achieve the best results possible.

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