Breast Plastic Surgery Overview

The female breast holds universal importance in human societies and cultures the world over. More than just about any other feature of the female form, a woman’s breast becomes an integral part of her identity at an early age. Rightly or wrongly, the size, shape, symmetry, and proportion of a woman’s breasts play a large role in molding her personality. At Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, we understand how important this aspect of body image is to a woman and we respect its significance. Dr. Frederick A. Coville has spent a great deal of his professional career studying and perfecting the minimal and short scar techniques that can deliver a natural and appealing breast shape and contour so that he can offer the options a woman needs to realize her goals.

Achieving outstanding results genuinely requires a deft hand and an eye for what is aesthetically pleasing. This is something that many patients, as well as physicians overlook. Dr. Fred believes wholeheartedly in understanding beauty as both a science and an art. Throughout his many years of travel, he takes the time out of his work schedule to spend hours in the great museums of the world as a student of beauty. The technical aspects of surgery are just one aspect of the process. Appreciating beauty is equally important and not so easily learned.

The importance of this “homework” is evident in the work he produces, particularly in terms of breast and body sculpting. Often, physicians simply place an implant into a breast or lift it with a sort of “cookie cutter” approach. This strategy is doomed to fail as it frequently leads to shapeless form, lack of nuance – and a conspicuously unnatural or displeasing appearance with unsightly scars. It is in the subtleness of shaping, and the understanding of aesthetically pleasing proportions that Dr. Coville excels. We are all three dimensional human beings and in order to create natural results – what the surgeon leaves behind, is just as important as what he takes away. Any great photographer will always tell you that the shadows are just as important as the light.

This is how Dr. Fred Coville approaches each and every patient. He understands that we all come in distinct shapes and sizes. Together with Dr. Coville, you and he will come to an understanding of what is realistically achievable as well as what would be most appropriate for your body type and lifestyle. At Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, there is no “one size fits all” and absolutely no “cookie-cutter” approach for all patients.

Our surgical treatments for the breast are perfect for those who feel that perhaps their breasts have lost volume from weight loss, breast-feeding, or simply the passage of the seasons. They are ideal for women who were blessed by a little too much, or those who feel they were a bit short-changed with too little. Whatever your reasons, Dr. Fred Coville will give you all the time you need to provide the solutions in your particular case. Our breast procedures are popular because Dr. Fred takes the time to understand what you are looking to accomplish. He then works diligently to translate your ideal into a reality that is attainable. Once you have fully understood what can be achieved and what the implications are of your decision, you can make the appropriate choices.

The procedures that Dr. Fred Coville performs at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine for breast enhancement include:


Breast Augmentation Testimonial

“Dr. Coville was extremely professional and ready to answer all of my questions. He and his staff did a phenomenal job and making me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The fact that Dr. Coville gives his patients his personal number for any questions after surgery to make them and their caregivers as comfortable as possible is fantastic and much appreciated. I loved the doctor and all of his staff! Thank you.”

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