Inverted Nipples and Nipple Reconstruction Linwood

Although not commonly discussed, there are many women who are unhappy with the appearance of their nipples. Some women are born with inverted nipples and some may lack one or both nipples due to mastectomy, an injury or a congenital defect. These malformations may often cause you to feel self-conscious about your breasts. To improve the aesthetic of the breasts, nipple reconstructions can be performed.

What are inverted nipples and how do you correct them?

Although common, inverted nipples are rarely discussed, as the condition is often a source of embarrassment and self consciousness. Inverted nipples are caused by tight and shortened breast duct tissue. You may find that your nipples are inverted intermittently or constantly. Your nipples may be inverted to the same degree in both breasts; however there is usually some mild asymmetry with one sidebeing more inverted than the other.

In most cases, Dr. Coville is able to correct the inverted nipples surgically by releasing the foreshortened ducts using minimally invasive techniques.Reversal of inverted nipples is a reasonably simple procedure and by and large does not affect nipple sensitivity. Most often the scarring is so well concealed that is essentially invisible.

What if my nipples have been deformed or removed?

Malformations of the nipples, or complete absence of nipples can be a consequence of injury, surgery for cancer, or a congenital defect. Often in breast reconstruction surgery, the nipple reconstruction is the final step. At Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Frederick Coville performs nipple reconstruction using several techniques. These may include skin grafts, skin and cartilage flaps, and even tattooing. Dr. Fred will be happy to discuss all of your nipple reconstruction options with you during your scheduled consultation.

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