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Until now, women have only had a few choices for breast implants. Sientra Silicone breast implants offer both round and shaped (teardrop) implant style options in a variety of sizes to achieve your desired look. Dr. Fred is proud to be one of the only plastic surgeons in the South Jersey region to offer the FDA-approved Sientra line of silicone breast implants.

Sientra’s “gummy bear”, form-stable implants combine an exclusive High-Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel interior with a durable outer shell to create a soft, natural-like feel without sacrificing the integrity of the implant. With this cohesive gel you won’t have to worry about the silicone leaking. See the video below for a demonstration.

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With Sientra’s variety of implant shapes, Dr. Fred can help you achieve a look that’s right for you. The round implant offers a fuller, more dramatic appearance in the upper portion of the breast. The shaped (or teardrop) implant is designed to mimic the natural look and feel of a breast. Not too hard, not too soft.

Round Implant

Shaped Implant

At Sientra, we are committed to providing plastic surgeons with intuitive, elegant solutions centered on a single principle—simplicity.

Additionally, the manufacturer has made a strong statement about its commitment to patient safety by offering these implants only to board-eligible plastic surgeons. The company also offers an unprecedented warranty, valid only if the breast augmentation is performed by a board-eligible plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Fred.

Ultimately, the Sientra implants are just another milestone in the evolution of breast implant safety and better breast augmentation options for women. Sientra silicone breast implants are FDA-approved with a combination of 30+ years of research and product testing.

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