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One of the most important – and all too often neglected – aspects of true foundational beauty is youthful skin. Dr. Fred Coville prides himself on being one of the earliest plastic surgeons to understand this aspect of beauty and develop a particular expertise in its creation. Cornerstone Plastic Surgery New JerseyYears ago when most plastic surgeons did not think this was a particularly important aspect of their practice, and long before there was even a specialty called aesthetic medicine, Dr. Coville was refining and honing his knowledge and techniques in this area. It is for this reason that he is a world-recognized speaker and educator around the globe on the creation of beautiful skin.

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A smooth, clear, and glowing complexion is more than just a part of our attractiveness; it is the first thing others notice about us. Dr. Fred believes that our skin is one of the principal things we evaluate about one another on first meeting. Everything else, such as hair, makeup, clothing – are just “window dressing.” It is our skin that sends profound messages about who we are, even before we open our mouths to speak a word. Beautiful skin tells others about our health, youth, vitality and even our sexuality. It is for these reasons that we at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine place such importance on incorporating true, scientifically proven, and medically guided skin rejuvenation as an essential piece of what we do.

Dr. Frederick Coville truly believes that “Foundational Health creates Foundational Beauty.” What that means for you is that Dr. Fred will devote a great deal of time and energy to help you realize your true beauty, starting from the ground up.

What Is Beautiful Skin?

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Beautiful skin is much more than skin without any wrinkles. Beautiful skin is Healthy skin.Dr. Coville has been inspired by the seminal work of Dr. Zein Obagi in Beverly Hills and combines many of his ideas with his own in creating beautiful, healthy skin. Where they both agree is in their definition of Healthy Skin.

  • Skin without any excess oil, acne or blemishes
  • Smooth skin without any roughness in texture
  • Absence of fine wrinkling or signs of aging
  • Youthful thickness
  • Well-hydrated from within
  • Even color and pigment without any spots
  • No evidence of sun damage
  • No dullness, but rather a beautiful Healthy glow

These are the things that Dr. Fred teaches other physicians from all over the world how to create. It is these principles that he brings to every patient he sees and cares for. So whether you suffer from acne, facial scarring, sun damage, or simply aging skin from the passage of time, we at Cornerstone will design a treatment program specifically tailored to your individual needs – one that truly works and completely transforms your skin. With that, you will change the message your skin sends out to the world around you to one of health, youth and vitality.

Skin Rejuvenation
“I was highly satisfied with Dr. Coville’s understanding of my needs and his expertise in doing his very best to help me. Dr. Coville has an artistic eye and has helped me be confident again. I suffer with acne scarring and it is very disabling and embarrassing. He is patient and kind.”


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