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This office does not participate with insurance companies other than Medicare. However, we usually will accept payment from most carriers provided your policy provides for Out of Network benefits. It is your responsibility to find out, in advance, what your particular plan covers for non-participating providers in your plan. Since we are not participating providers in your network, then you are responsible for your bill in its entirety and we will provide you the necessary paperwork and assist you with filing your insurance claim so that you may be reimbursed from your insurance company directly. Unless you have a particular arrangement that you have made with Cornerstone Plastic Surgery, the standard fees will be billed to you. Insurance is a great benefit and designed to cover basic care; however, most of our Patients need more than basic care.

Please refer to the back of your card for a contact phone number to get additional information. If we may be of assistance, please contact us. However, it remains your financial responsibility for complete payment if you are seen and/or treated.

Non-covered Insurances

You are responsible for your office visits and surgical fees. If agreed to in advance, we will bill your insurance company for any covered services. Please note that if your policy denies coverage, or you have a large deductible which has not been met, or there other circumstances that result in a reduced payment from your carrier, we will bill you the remaining balance. Some insurance companies pay 100% of the surgical fee, others pay only a percentage. You will be receiving complete, partial, or no reimbursement depending on the insurance plan you have

Workman’s Compensation Patients

The workman’s compensation system requires that you and/or your employer provide the office with your claim number and all necessary information for the office to process your claim. This will avoid any problems with your care delivery and claim processing.

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