Plastic Surgery for Men

The modern male is more active socially, he works out, is health conscious and tends to take better care of himself than his father did. The modern man is increasingly concerned about his appearance. He knows that if you’re going to succeed in life you have to first show up. Showing up means being there, being ready, and looking the part. It’s not just about vanity, it’s about feeling as good as you can. When you look good you feel good, and your confidence soars. When you walk into a room, feeling confident, it shows … and others notice.

Sometimes genetics can play a dirty trick on us and we get dealt a hand that is a little harder to play. It could be something as basic as having problem skin that is too oily leading to breakouts. It might be some premature balding or hair that is unruly and requires more considered grooming. Maybe there are some problem areas where you’ve been not so blessed with some fatty deposits that just won’t go away no matter how much you work on them. Or maybe you have too much tissue in the chest area resulting in a breast-like look to your chest. With modern fashion styles being a lot more tailored, baggy is out and slim-fit is in, these issues can be much more noticeable than in times past.

Dr. Fred Coville and his team at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery located at two locations on the beautiful South Jersey Shore in Linwood and Manahawkin offer a variety of aesthetic treatments, cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures to enhance your features or correct areas that have left you feeling frustrated.

In today’s competitive environment, the image we project is more important than ever. Looking energetic and vital conveys a “can-do” knack. You want others to know you’ve got this covered and their visual impression of you matters.

The discreet options we offer, tailored to your specific needs as a discerning male client include:

Non Surgical Facial Procedures

Wrinkle-relaxing injections like Botox and Dysport to smooth out the worry creases in your forehead

Surgical Facial Procedures

  • Non Surgical Skin Treatments
  • Laser Treatments to tighten your skin and get rid of all those blemishes and scars
  • Body Contouring Procedures – whether it’s just a small problem area or a larger issue of excess skin after a large amount of weight loss. Liposuction and other Body Sculpting procedures can be perfect for those problem areas that just won’t go away
  • Bariatric Surgery patients can have excess skin and fat removed
  • Male Breast Surgery (Correction of Gynecomastia)
  • Correction of Prominent Ears
  • Rhinoplasty – Both surgical and non-surgical
  • Jawline refinement with or without implants
  • Fat transfer to the face and body
  • The most advanced skin care and skin rejuvenation systems and products available from Dr. Fred … who is considered one of the leading experts worldwide in skin rejuvenation.
  • Laser hair removal for all that hair you just don’t want
  • Eyelid Lifts, Brow Lifts, Face and Neck lifts to keep that youthful edge

Whatever your needs know that we at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine can discreetly take care of your needs in privacy. For Dr. Fred Coville, your safety, your comfort, and the results you achieve are is highest priorities. We will treat you like a star … because you deserve it.


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