Ear Surgery

How Does Otoplasty Work?

March 30, 2023

Ear Surgery

Children and adults with large or protruding ears may experience embarrassment, self-consciousness, and anxiety. Otoplasty can address ears that protrude or look too large. With this procedure, you can get immediate, permanent relief from your ear problem, and  the results will last a lifetime. Because otoplasty can dramatically change a person’s life, otoplasty is one of Dr. Coville’s favorite procedures.

What is Otoplasty or Ear Surgery?

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, reshapes or repositions the ears for a more balanced appearance. Otoplasty can correct various cosmetic ear issues, including protruding ears, oversized ears, asymmetrical ears, and other ear concerns. Unlike most types of plastic surgery, Dr. Coville often performs otoplasty on adults as well as children. 

How Does Otoplasty Work? 

Dr. Coville can perform ear surgery under general anesthesia. Many adults prefer local anesthesia. Dr. Coville frequently performs the procedure on children with local anesthesia, but some children do better under general anesthesia. During the otoplasty procedure, Dr. Coville will make small incisions to access the cartilage behind the ear. He will then reshape the ear to create a more natural appearance. In some cases, Dr. Coville may remove excess skin or tissue to enhance the results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Otoplasty? 

Adults and children with fully developed ears (typically by the age of 4 or 5) can have otoplasty. Good candidates for ear surgery have concerns about the size, shape, or position of their ears. Adults and children should be in good health and have reasonable expectations.

Ears that look unusually large or stick out from the head can subject children to teasing and bullying, causing them emotional distress. If your child feels strongly that their ears are affecting their ability to enjoy their daily life, they may be an ideal candidate for otoplasty. Dr. Coville has extensive experience in assessing children to determine whether they are appropriate for this procedure. 

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What is Recovery Like From Otoplasty?

For the first few days after surgery, you will have a dressing around your head to protect and support your ears. After a few days, Dr. Coville will replace this with a smaller bandage that fits like a headband. You will wear this day and night while your ears heal. Most people can return to work or school after five days. However, you may need to limit physical activity until healing progresses. 

What Other Kinds of Ear Surgery Can I Get?

Dr. Coville performs ear surgery. He performs many procedures to restore stretched or sagging ear lobes to their proper position. He also repairs ears with gauges, erasing the consequences of ear-stretching decisions. Other conditions treated with ear surgery include:

  • Lop ear (an ear that folds forward)
  • Cupped ear (an unusually small ear)
  • Shell ear (an ear missing some normal folds and creases)

If the appearance of your ears bothers you, otoplasty can give you a new level of self-confidence. If your child feels self-conscious about their ears, you can treat the problem early for a lifetime of balanced, properly placed ears. 


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