Has pregnancy left you longing to regain your pre-baby body? Rediscover your confidence and rejuvenate your appearance with Dr. Fred's bespoke mommy makeover for renewed vitality and confidence in your contours.

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Mommy makeovers are one of the most popular combination techniques utilized in plastic surgery practice today. It is an umbrella term for any combination of procedures performed simultaneously or very close to each other to address the common conditions women deal with as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr. Coville will custom-tailor your makeover according to your unique needs, desires, and lifestyle.

Most women typically want to improve their abdomen and breasts because they’re most noticeably affected. Once your body returns to its new normal, a significant change has occurred. Mostly, the volume of your breasts is different, and your abdomen has been altered through the rapid stretching and deflation that pregnancy and childbirth can cause.

Hormonal shifts in your body have relaxed the supporting ligaments of your skin, breasts, and other tissues to allow for your baby’s delivery. These stretched ligaments sometimes don’t bounce back to their pre-pregnancy state. The muscles are weakened, the skin is stretched, and significant sagging and additional bulges are present that were not there before pregnancy. Having children can really alter a woman’s figure, but it doesn’t have to remain that way.

Your mommy makeover can focus on your most significant areas of change. Dr. Coville has more than 25 years of experience helping patients restore and sculpt their bodies, and together, you’ll create a plan to see your pre-pregnancy self again. We offer a wide array of procedures, including:



Has having children altered your body in ways that distress you? Are you too busy to have multiple separate procedures requiring weeks of recovery time each? Not only can a mommy makeover save you recovery time and money (one-time undergoing surgery means fewer fees), it can be safer because you spend far less time under anesthesia. If you’re generally healthy, don’t smoke, and have concerns about what having children has done to your body, Dr. Coville is ready to have a comprehensive consultation with you about your goals, desires, and how he can help.

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If you have a breast lift or breast reduction, Dr. Coville will use the short-scar lollipop incision to assure the least amount of visible scarring and a decrease in recovery time. The internal bra lift, which is accomplished utilizing an absorbable mesh, may be a better solution for longer-lasting breast lift or reduction.

For minimally invasive skin tightening, he may offer Body Tite. Cornerstone Plastic Surgery in New Jersey has been named a center of excellence for the Body Tite Skin Tightening System.

For superior shaping and sculpting of the waist and tummy, we provide simultaneous liposuction and muscle shaping.

For the upper abdomen, and in conjunction with breast enhancement or reshaping, we offer a Reverse Tummy Tuck.

Sometimes Dr. Coville completes a mommy makeover in one session, but some procedures will have to be accomplished over a series of multiple sessions for safety reasons. Because of the customizable nature of your mommy makeover, there is no cookie-cutter approach with Dr. Coville. Many of your questions about what to expect can be answered in your consultation at one of our offices in Linwood or Toms River, NJ.


  • Mommy makeovers are usually performed as outpatient surgeries. Because of this, you can recover in the comfort of your own home.
  • Be sure you have help around the house. You will find it difficult to do routine chores, and caring for children and pets will be challenging. Ask for help from your spouse, your family members, or your friends.
  • No driving until you are finished taking pain medications. Dr. Coville will give you prescriptions for the appropriate medications and dosages, but do not plan to drive while taking them.
  • Non-smokers only. Smoking causes many complications with circulation. It delays wound healing and increases the chances of serious complications. Quit smoking for about four weeks before the surgery and continue not smoking for four weeks after. Consider this a great reason to quit, rewarding yourself with a new appearance and a healthier body.
  • Recovery can be from 1-2 weeks, depending on the procedures. Expect to be sore, bruised, and have swelling for about 2 weeks.
  • Patience is required for final results. Sometimes swelling can last for 6 months or longer. Some benefits are visible immediately, but the full results are not apparent until all swelling is gone. You may not see the full outcome of the procedure clearly for 6 months to a year.
  • Keep eating healthy, and maintain a routine exercise schedule to ensure long-lasting results from the mommy makeover. This procedure can correct a lot, but it does not prevent future changes to your body due to weight gain.
  • For safe and quality care, only allow an experienced and fully trained plastic surgeon, like Dr. Coville, to provide your mommy makeover. Because many of the makeover procedures are invasive, never cut corners or save money at the expense of your health and safety.


A mommy makeover can involve multiple procedures, which may differ in how long recovery is needed. Those patients who have a tummy tuck in their mommy makeover can expect a recovery journey of at least a few weeks because abdominoplasty often involves remodeling and repairing muscles.

On average, it can be 1-2 weeks before you’re recovered enough to return to work and 3-4 weeks before you feel almost back to normal. The good news is your recovery encompasses multiple treatment areas at once rather than stretching them out across years. Swelling and bruising are a normal part of recovery from plastic surgery, and it can take several weeks or months for your tissues to settle into place. When they do, you’ll be restored to your pre-pregnancy glory with a tighter stomach and skin, more youthful, lifted breasts, and the confidence that you look fantastic.

Whatever procedures are in your mommy makeover, be assured we take great pride in the quality of the products we use, and the care that we provide. For example, we use Sientra implants, which are the best on the market, and are only available to Board Certified or Board Eligible Plastic Surgeons. Furthermore, when you go home from your procedure in Atlantic County, you will have 24-hour access directly to Dr. Coville’s mobile phone, and he even does house calls if necessary.

Your restored physique will become more apparent in the 3-6 months following your mommy makeover, with tighter, firmer abs and pleasingly shaped breasts; a host of concerns you had before the procedure will be gone. Take control of your confidence and your appearance by investing in yourself with a mommy makeover.

Written By: Dr. Frederick Coville
Frederick A. Coville, M.D., Cornerstone Plastic Surgery’s Owner and Medical Director


Frederick A. Coville, M.D., Cornerstone Plastic Surgery’s Owner and Medical Director, has been an Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon for over 25 years. He firmly believes each of us possesses an inner “Foundational Beauty.”

As a student of beauty all his life, he calls upon his naturally artistic eye and God-given talents as a surgeon to deliver the results you demand. Dr. Fred likes to say, “It’s my job to help you find Your Beautiful!”

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