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Although common, inverted nipples are rarely discussed; the condition is often a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Inverted nipples are caused by tight and shortened breast duct tissue. You may find your nipples are inverted intermittently or constantly. Your nipples may be inverted to the same degree in both breasts. However, there is usually some mild asymmetry, with one side being more inverted than the other.

In most cases, Dr. Fred Coville can correct the inverted nipples surgically by releasing the foreshortened ducts using minimally invasive techniques. Reversal of inverted nipples is a reasonably simple procedure and, by and large, does not affect nipple sensitivity. Most often, the scarring is so well concealed that it’s essentially invisible.

Malformations of the nipples or complete absence of nipples can be a consequence of injury, surgery for cancer, or a congenital defect. Often in breast reconstruction surgery, nipple reconstruction is the final step. At Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Coville performs nipple reconstruction using several techniques. These may include skin grafts, skin and cartilage flaps, and even tattooing. Dr. Coville will be happy to discuss all of your nipple reconstruction options with you during your scheduled consultation with us in Atlantic County.



If you’re afflicted with inverted nipples or have no nipples due to congenital malformation, injury, or prior surgery, you may regain some equilibrium and confidence in your breasts with a nipple repair or reconstruction. The patients most satisfied with their results are non-smokers who are generally healthy and understand what the procedure can achieve. Dr. Coville can give you specifics about your unique situation during a thorough consultation and evaluation.

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Dr. Coville’s procedure is typically performed on an outpatient basis at one of the accredited surgical centers in Linwood and Toms River, NJ for which Dr. Coville has privileges, so you can expect to recover at home the same day. For inverted nipples, releasing them from the shortened nipple ducts may be all that’s required and involves only a small incision around the areola.

For more extensive cases of nipple reconstruction, there are a few techniques available. Dr. Coville can use the surrounding skin to sculpt a new nipple, which can later be tattooed to restore natural nipple and areola color and size. A skin graft is another option. Dr. Coville will use the surrounding skin to create the forward projection of the nipple itself and a donor skin graft to create the areola.

If you’re only in need of nipple repair to one breast and the nipple of your other breast is large enough, Dr. Coville may harvest a portion of the existing nipple to shape a new nipple and areola for the unbalanced side. This achieves good symmetry and color. If there’s not quite enough tissue for the same size areola, tattooing can make up the difference.


Many nipple repairs are performed with local anesthesia, so you may not need to worry about the aftereffects of heavier sedation. You’ll likely feel some pain and tenderness in the nipple as well as the donor site for skin grafted nipples for 1-2 weeks. Dr. Coville will ensure your pain is managed, so you’re as comfortable as possible. 4-6 months after your nipple repair is the ideal time for tattooing if you’ve chosen that option.

Attentive post-surgery care is a central part of Dr. Coville’s work at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, and he will guide you through every step of the recovery process.

Don’t be alarmed if your nipples now appear larger and more forward-protruding than you initially expected. This is done on purpose, and they should shrink to a more expected size as you heal. There’s a real possibility you’ll experience some numbness or diminished sensation with your nipple repair. In some cases, this is temporary, but for fully reconstructed nipples, you can expect that to persist.

In patients who are having reconstruction after mastectomy or injury, the area of diminished sensation may extend wider than the nipple and areola.

Even patients who experience sensation loss or numbness in the long term are often extremely pleased with Dr. Coville’s work to restore their nipples. The insecurity associated with their nipples is significantly reduced, and many patients regain confidence even if no one is aware their nipples have been altered. It’s enough for them to know their nipples more closely match their desired results.

Written By: Dr. Frederick Coville
Frederick A. Coville, M.D., Cornerstone Plastic Surgery’s Owner and Medical Director


Frederick A. Coville, M.D., Cornerstone Plastic Surgery’s Owner and Medical Director, has been an Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon for over 25 years. He firmly believes each of us possesses an inner “Foundational Beauty.”

As a student of beauty all his life, he calls upon his naturally artistic eye and God-given talents as a surgeon to deliver the results you demand. Dr. Fred likes to say, “It’s my job to help you find Your Beautiful!”

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