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Are you tired of feeling less than your best due to those telltale signs of facial aging? Join the countless individuals who have reclaimed their youthful glow and radiance with Dr. Fred's expertise.

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Looking great doesn’t always require surgery. At Cornerstone Plastic Surgery, we provide a host of minimally invasive, low-downtime procedures to postpone your need for surgery or to enhance your surgical results. Many of these treatments can be performed in an hour or less.

Injectables can work in a couple of different ways, through relaxing the facial muscles that contribute to dynamic wrinkles (those caused by movement) or through adding volume and lift to the face or backs of the hands when age causes tissues to thin and droop.

Dr. Fred Coville used a combined approach to skin rejuvenation years before it became a respected standard technique among cosmetic medical professionals. By using mechanical, chemical, light, and injectable therapies and medical-grade creams, Dr. Coville has developed a reputation as one of the world’s premier physicians, able to achieve results that are simultaneously natural and stunning.

He is frequently invited to present his techniques to colleagues and the public around the world. There truly is no one better on the New Jersey Shore to help you achieve your rejuvenation goals using non-surgical injectable treatments.



Repeated facial movements etch lines into the skin, similar to paper that’s been folded over and over. When we’re young, our skin bounces back into place. But as collagen and elastin decline over time, the lines remain and become more profound. Modern anti-aging treatments, like wrinkle injections, were developed to minimize facial muscle movement, thereby preventing wrinkle formation, keeping skin looking youthful and refreshed.

BOTOX®, Dysport®, and Xeomin® are neurotoxins that Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine is pleased to offer our patients, not only for their rejuvenation capabilities but also for their safety records. The trick to avoiding an overdone or “surprised” appearance with these medications is incredibly small doses using ultra-thin needles.

These products interrupt the nerve signals to muscles that cause repetitive facial expressions, such as frowns, smiles, or squinting. This allows your skin to relax and the wrinkles to repair themselves without the stress of added movement. However, you still want to express yourself, so having a physician of Dr. Coville’s caliber perform your procedure ensures your results are natural yet effective.


Although low body fat is considered desirable, full facial contours are an enviable symbol of youth. Without adequate facial volume, facial features become drawn and sunken, making you look much older than you’d like. Cornerstone Plastic Surgery offers various dermal fillers to help reverse the effects of aging and give you the supple skin of your youth.

Juvéderm® is a family of dermal fillers by Allergan, makers of BOTOX®. Through precision engineering of the hyaluronic acid (HA) molecule links, Allergan has created a series of fillers with unique consistencies and longevity—up to 12 months and beyond—that performs almost any volume enhancement task our patients desire. Plump your lips, fill in deepening nasolabial folds (the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth), minimize fine lines and wrinkles, restore cheek volume, and keep your face’s youthful roundness, particularly with Voluma™. The HA molecules bring moisture to your skin, keeping it smooth and supple and providing even younger patients with aging prevention. While Juvéderm® cannot stop the hands of time, it can slow them down.

The Restylane® family of products are hyaluronic acid-based gels with unique properties, which give Dr. Coville’s talents with a needle greater versatility and dimension. With fillers designed specifically for lips, for moderate thickness to address moderate-to-severe wrinkles, and for creating sculpted facial shapes in the cheeks and jawline, it’s no wonder the results Dr. Coville can achieve are so dynamic and remarkable.

Because Dr. Fred Coville is constantly evaluating and re-evaluating his results and his patients’ satisfaction with their treatments, he has a large array of injectables at his disposal. He uses Radiesse®, Versa®, and the RHA® Family of fillers in addition to Juvederm® and Restylane®. He is happy to discuss your options and explain why he prefers one product over another in your particular case, so you get the best result possible for your needs.

No one has perfected the art of fat transfer quite like Dr. Coville. He uses a gentle, hand-suction approach to harvest fat cells to preserve their integrity. Your fat transfer treatment—which will add volume virtually anywhere on your body where you need it, including the buttocks for the Jersey Shore Butt Lift™—has the best possible chance of lasting beyond what other injectable fillers produce. The more healthy fat cells that transfer, the greater the chance those cells reconnect to your blood supply as if they’d never been moved. They can volumize your treatment area for years.

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The safety records for BOTOX®, Dysport®, and Xeomin® mean most patients concerned about the creep of age on their appearance make good candidates. Because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance the body makes to hydrate and nourish skin, Juvederm®, Restylane®, Versa®, and the RHA® Family of fillers are also well-tolerated by most patients. RADIESSE® is a different class of fillers with a well-documented safety profile and is very well-tolerated by most patients. Ideal candidates for fat transfer must have enough fat in the donor location to supply the cells being transferred, but this is also a very well-tolerated treatment to add volume to the features.


After thorough planning with Dr. Coville to determine which injectables will best fulfill your cosmetic goals, you’ll have your procedure in the comfort of the Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine Atlantic County offices. If your injectables are part of a broader rejuvenation plan involving more complex procedures, like a mommy makeover or facelift, Dr. Coville will perform your treatment in an accredited surgery center where he has privileges.

For treatments where the injectables are the focus, you may request a topical anesthetic if it will help you relax. After mapping your facial features to ensure he injects the neurotoxins, dermal fillers, or fatty tissues into the proper area, you’ll receive your series of injections in only a few minutes. Overall, you can be in and out in an hour or less. Injectables may be the perfect lunchtime procedure.


There is very minimal recovery with injectables. However, take extra care in the following 48 hours to avoid jostling or bumping the injected site and disrupting Dr. Coville’s careful sculpting. Juvéderm® and Restylane® contain lidocaine to ease any tenderness or discomfort.

The best part about injectables is that the volume they add is immediate. Your lips will be plumper, your cheeks more rounded, your wrinkles shallower, and your face overall is more sculpted right away.

For neurotoxins, your muscles require 7-10 days for the medications to fully take hold and pause your dynamic muscle movements. Dr. Coville’s talent with a needle is a thing of beauty, and with injectable treatments at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery in Linwood and Toms River, NJ, you can reap the benefits.

Written By: Dr. Frederick Coville
Frederick A. Coville, M.D., Cornerstone Plastic Surgery’s Owner and Medical Director


Frederick A. Coville, M.D., Cornerstone Plastic Surgery’s Owner and Medical Director, has been an Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon for over 25 years. He firmly believes each of us possesses an inner “Foundational Beauty.”

As a student of beauty all his life, he calls upon his naturally artistic eye and God-given talents as a surgeon to deliver the results you demand. Dr. Fred likes to say, “It’s my job to help you find Your Beautiful!”

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