The Jersey Shore Butt Lift

Although there are several forms of buttock augmentation that are called “Butt Lifts,” Dr. Fred Coville has created the Jersey Shore Butt Lift to describe a particular style and technique that he utilizes to create beautifully shaped buttocks that are inspired by the active, athletic, and attractive style of summer life on the beautiful Jersey Shore.

The technique utilizes your own fat, which is transferred from areas where you may have a bit too much — and then placed gently into the buttock, sculpting it into a much more attractive shape and appearance. Dr. Coville treats the fat to be transferred in a very gentle way, removing it with only manual low-pressure suction and then carefully preparing it for transplantation. He may also add Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) taken from a sample of your own blood. PRP has been shown to be very rich in growth factors which can augment the effects of the transferred fat, increase the ability of the fat to “take” or survive in it’s new location, and even improve the skin where it has been placed. The Jersey Shore Butt Lift™ takes into account the wide ethnic diversity present on the beaches of New Jersey and doesn’t limit itself to a distinctly “Brazilian” style. Because Dr. Coville has travelled, taught, and practiced around the world, he brings a uniquely international sensibility and artistic eye to every procedure he performs. He is exquisitely mindful of varying aesthetic ideals from person to person. If you are a suitable candidate, every ethnic style and taste can be accommodated. The technique of placing the specially-prepared fat into the area is notably gentle and meticulous and requires patience, creative skill, and artistry to achieve the most desirable results.

About Buttock Augmentation

Lipofilling, Lipoinjection, Fat Transfer

Thes are all terms used to describe the technique of moving fat from other areas of the body, to the buttocks, originally popularized as the Brazilian Butt Lift, we at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery have refined and further developed the technique as the Jersey Shore Butt Lift™. This procedure involves the redistribution of the patient’s own fat by liposuctioning it from other areas of the body and reinjecting it into the “glutes”, or the butt. The areas usually harvested for this fat are the abdomen and thighs of the patient. It is therefore necessary that enough fat is present on your body to provide the appropriate amount of fat for harvest and transfer.

Dr. Coville uses very gentle liposuction to harvest your fat. In this way, he will preserve each individual fat cell without causing it too much trauma. He will need those fat cells to be as healthy as possible to ensure that as many as possible survive when placed in their new location. That fat is then gently purified and cleaned in a special way that removes any impurities that might interfere with its ablility to “take” in the new area. Next, Dr. Fred reinjects your fat into the gluteal region, again using special techniques that require a great deal of patience and artistry. His method makes certain that only the best donor fat cells are used. Many injections are needed to achieve the desired result and mastery of this skill is essential to achieve a uniform, smooth, natural appearance skin tone of the buttocks.

Benefits of the The Jersey Shore Butt Lift™

A major benefit of this technique is that by using your own body fat, the possibility of tissue rejection is avoided. This is much less invasive for you than buttock surgery involving implants. Liposuctioning of the donor areas also has the benefit of improving your appearance, and therefore your overall body shape and silhouette is enhanced. While this might be perceived as a niche or even weird cosmetic surgery to some, we at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery see that women of all ages are requesting butt augmentation procedures. For younger women the attraction of a butt lift is the creation of dramatic curves while, for older women, a larger butt is associated with youth, and even fertility.

The Jersey Shore Butt Lift Plastic Surgery South JerseyThe Procedure

The first stage, the liposuction, is performed under general or local anesthetic, depending on how much fat will be transferred and how comfortable you may feel during the procedure. This suctioned fat is then reinjected, or transferred, into the buttocks. This transferred fat is rich in stem-cells and has a firming and smoothing effect on skin. On occasion Dr. Coville may augment these effects on the skin as well as the ability of the fat to “take” in its new location by adding Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to the fat. Dr. Coville is the only surgeon in the South Jersey Region to use PRP, making the Cornerstone Plastic Surgery Jersey Shore Butt Lift ™ even more exclusive. This PRP is taken from a sample of your own blood which is treated in a special way to concentrate the very powerful platelets. It should however be stressed that this version of the treatment is not suitable for skinny women looking for larger bottom, as there has to be a decent amount of fat to harvest for reinjection. If you do not have enough excess body fat to be transferred, the Jersey Shore Butt Lift™, or any other buttocks augmentation that depends on fat transfer will not be suitable for you.

Buttock Implants

In the past buttock implants were the only option utilized to correct developmental abnormalities in the buttock region. Although still utilized, it is not necessarily a procedure that we at Cornerstone Plastic Surgery recommend, or perform on a regular basis. Implants obviously involve a more significant surgery than a Jersey Shore Butt Lift™. In those cases, a soft, solid silicone implant is actually inserted into the buttock, under the gluteus maximus muscle or between the gluteus muscle and its strong covering tissue. The implants are placed above the sitting area for maximum cosmetic effect and the patient will never actually sit on them. The implantation procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. As a larger incision is made, recovery time is significantly longer than with the The Jersey Shore Butt lift™, and involves a 4-6-week period of restricted activities following surgery.

The Jersey Shore Butt Lift Plastic Surgery South JerseyPost-Operative Care and Recovery Time

If you are healthy and there are no complications, you should be able to resume normal activities about two days after the procedure. Higher levels of physical activity should be possible around two weeks afterwards. Full recovery can take from one to two months depending on the individual. If the Jersey Shore Butt Lift ™ is combined with a tummy tuck, recovery can be a bit longer.

After the procedure the result is that the upper quadrant of your buttocks is fuller and higher so that the butt appears lifted and more prominent. The best results from the Jersey Shore Butt Lift are achieved when you take care of the area for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Your transplanted fat is trying to survive in its new location, much like planting a seed in the ground, therefore you must try not to place any pressure on the area. Transplanted fat cells are very sensitive to pressure until they have fully “taken.” Sleeping on your side, and sitting forward, as if on a motorcycle are ways that you can help to maximize your results.

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