Mommy Makeover

49-year-old mother of five, had a deflated and malpositioned breast implant from another surgeon, and did not like her body shape. I exchanged and corrected her breast implants and performed my...Click here for more details
33-year-old mother of three who is a fitness enthusiast and takes great care of herself. After pregnancies she had looser skin, lost her waistline and her breast deflated. I performed a vertical...Click here for more details
48-year-old business owner and mother of three. She had lost a great deal of weight and despite vigorous exercise had persistent loose skin and deflated breasts. She had a mommy makeover...Click here for more details
27-year-old mother of two. Was not happy with her body and breast shape after pregnancies. Here she is after liposuction 360 with Jersey Shore Butt Lift (Brazilian Butt Lift) and a Gummy Bear...Click here for more details