Facial Rejuvenation, General

Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer & Mommy Makeovers: Dr Lycka & Dr Coville

Facial Rejuvenation Atlantic County

September 15, 2015

Facial Rejuvenation, General

Facial Rejuvenation is a popular subject on this show but this week we are talking about surgical facial rejuvenation – more commonly known as a facelift. A lot has changed with facelifts over the years and patients who look tight, pulled, but not any younger, are a thing of the past. So what has made the difference? Well, a major advancement is that as well as lifting the face, your own fat is now used to replace the volume we lose in our face as we get older. This gives a soft natural look, and to find out more this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today your host Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Barry Lycka talks with Board Eligible Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fred Coville from his practice in Linwood, New Jersey. The two doctors explain how using fat has changed the facelift procedure and results, and talk about new techniques and considerations, and how important your choice of surgeon is to get great results with this. They also talk about another popular procedure, the Mommy Makeover, and discuss what can be done to help mothers regain (or even improve) their pre-baby bodies.

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