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We are strictly adhering to, and in some instances, exceeding all federal, regional, state, and local guidelines and documents.


We are pre-screening everyone scheduled for an appointment by phone for any COVID-19 symptoms before they enter our facility and offices.

We test all individuals for COVID-19 within 96 hours prior to a surgical procedure.

We test all our staff for active COVID-19 as well as antibodies.

We are performing daily health screening of all our staff entering our clinic.


We are practicing and reinforcing social distancing everywhere for enhanced safety.

We are scheduling fewer patients than typical to limit the number of people in our facility and to allow ample time for cleaning and sanitizing between patients.

We are strategically scheduling patients to ensure maximum safety of our patients and staff.

We continue to limit the number of visitors, non-essential workers, and vendors throughout our facility.

We have a call-upon-arrival process for all services to minimize people congregating in waiting areas or at the reception desk.


There will be thorough sanitization occurring in all common areas as well as exam rooms between each patient using approved virucidal cleaning products.

We have implemented extensive cleaning and disinfecting protocols in between each patient, as well as deeper cleaning after hours.

We have assigned team members to more frequently wipe down and sanitize high-touch surfaces.


All restrooms and common areas will be stocked with soap and alcohol-based sanitizer.

We have added additional sanitizing stations throughout our facility to create easy reminders and access to clean hand habits.


We have installed clear acrylic barriers at our reception desk to protect both visitors and our staff.

All magazines, reading materials, and brochures have been removed from our reception area to avoid contaminating surfaces.

We continue to implement contactless registration and e-signatures wherever possible, as well as digitizing many of our forms and information to limit touching and sharing of paper.

We provide single-use pens to avoid sharing and cross-contamination.

We continue to offer and expand our telehealth, video, and telephone consults and visits whenever appropriate.

We have ceased serving coffee and drinks to our patients and visitors to avoid any possibility of contamination through drinkware.

We require all individuals to wear face masks or cloth face covering while in our clinic.

We will do our best to provide a mask to those patients who need one, depending on our available stock.

We are ensuring all our employees and clinicians have appropriate personal protective equipment.


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