42-year-old professional mother of three. Works out a great deal and could not lose extra body fat or tighten her skin. Nine months after liposuction 360 and Body Tite to abdominal...Click here for more details
41-year-old mother of two. Did not like her body shape. I performed Liposuction 360 with my signature Waist-Cinching Tummy Tuck. Notice her beautiful waistline 9 months after...Click here for more details
41 year old active man Liposuction with Sculpting of Abdomen, Waist, and BackClick here for more details
30 year old young woman. Body Sculpting with High-Def SmartLipo Liposuction. Six month follow upClick here for more details
46-year-old professional woman who was not happy with body shape despite diet and exercise. She had liposuction of her abdomen and flanks. 8 month follow...Click here for more details
27-year-old mother of two. Was not happy with her body and breast shape after pregnancies. Here she is after liposuction 360 with Jersey Shore Butt Lift (Brazilian Butt Lift) and a Gummy Bear...Click here for more details
27-year-old mom who had Lipo 360 to improve her shape. 3 month follow upClick here for more details
50-year-old very busy professional. He was unhappy with his belly and “love handles”. I performed liposuction 360. Here he is 5 months post-op and very...Click here for more details
30 year old working mother who couldn’t seem to get the bodyshape she wanted, no matter how hard she worked on it. She had Liposuction 360 with a Jersey Shore “Latina”...Click here for more details
33-year-old mother of four. Did not like the toll her pregnancies took on her body, despite vigorous exercise. Here she is 4 months after liposuction 360, with my very short-scar signature...Click here for more details
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