Tummy Tuck

32-year-old mother of three. Liposuction 360 with Signature Waist-Cinching Tummy Tuck. Five months...Click here for more details
41-year-old mother of two. Did not like her body shape. I performed Liposuction 360 with my signature Waist-Cinching Tummy Tuck. Notice her beautiful waistline 9 months after...Click here for more details
34-year-old working mother of 2. She had a very large diastasis (muscle separation). Here she is 3 months after a tummy tuck with liposuction of her waist....Click here for more details
33-year-old mother of four. Did not like the toll her pregnancies took on her body, despite vigorous exercise. Here she is 4 months after liposuction 360, with my very short-scar signature...Click here for more details
62-year-old woman who did not like the loose skin of her abdomen. She underwent a tummy tuck. One year follow up photos....Click here for more details
41-year-old mother of two who has lost a great deal of weight and complains of excess skin and laxity. I performed an extended hip-lifting abdominoplasty (270 degrees around). 4 month follow up....Click here for more details
34 year old working mother 3-D liposculpting (liposuction) of abdomen, waist and back, with mini-tummy tuck. Four month follow...Click here for more details
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) with Liposuction 20 years old Five months post-opClick here for more details
49-year-old mother of five, had a deflated and malpositioned breast implant from another surgeon, and did not like her body shape. I exchanged and corrected her breast implants and performed my...Click here for more details
46-year-old working mom who did not like the size of her breast or her lax upper abdominal skin. She had a bilateral breast augmentation with an reverse tummy tuck. Her tummy tuck scars are under...Click here for more details
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