Breast Lift

24-year-old who did not like her breast being so large and pendulous. She had breast reduction with a lift through a small “lollipop” incision. No horizontal scars. She is ecstatic with her...Click here for more details
40-year-old athletic nurse and mother of three. Felt that her breasts had “emptied out”. I did a breast lift with augmentation with only a vertical scar. Sientra Silicone gel shaped gummy...Click here for more details
18-year-old college student. She was very self-conscious about the unequal size and shape of her left breast. I reduced and lifted her left breast only and repositioned her nipple to a more...Click here for more details
40-year-old mother of two with large pendulous breasts that had caused her back, neck, and shoulder pain. I removed 810 grams of breast tissue from each breast through a “lollipop incision” No...Click here for more details
38-year-old mother of three. Had large, sagging breast causing neck, back and shoulder pain. Reduced both breast through a “lollipop incision” only. No horizontal unsightly scars under her...Click here for more details
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