Breast Augmentation

What is Breast Augmentation?

April 10, 2023

Breast Augmentation

Each woman may have different reasons for wanting to enhance their breasts. Breast augmentation is an extremely popular procedure but not always well-understood. Breast augmentation is one of Dr. Coville’s favorite procedures, and has performed several thousand of them over his years of experience. Dr. Coville specializes in breast enhancement of all types and will make sure you fully understand how breast augmentation works and what to expect. 

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a procedure to increase your breasts’ shape, symmetry, or size. Most breast augmentation procedures use implants, although you have other options, such as using your own body fat. Dr. Coville may use one of several techniques to place your implants. He will consider the type of implant, your anatomy, and which techniques will provide the best results while minimizing scars. He is always mindful of your specific needs and wants you to be happy with your results, not just for now, but for years to come. 

You also have an implant-free version of breast augmentation. Using your own natural body fat, a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure achieves natural-looking volume enhancement without using an implant. Dr. Coville excels at breast augmentation with fat, and the best part is that you will only have a few very small marks for fat removal, but none on or around your breasts! 

What Kind of Breast Implants Should I Get?

Choosing a breast implant requires careful consideration to ensure you feel comfortable with your choices. All implant types have been approved by the FDA. This means that their safety has been demonstrated by considerable research. 

Silicone Gel (Gummy Bears)

Dr. Coville most often recommends Gummy Bear (silicone gel implants). These implants contain a silicone gel inside a flexible outer shell. Modern silicon gel are of a type called “cohesive gel.” That means that the gel inside the implant stays together and is not liquid. This prevents any spread of silicone outside of your breasts. Silicone implants come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and will have a more natural look and feel.  There have been huge advances  in silicone implants that have resulted in new and exciting options. Dr. Fred Coville will spend as much time as you need to make sure you are happy with your choice of implants. 


Some women prefer saline implants for several reasons. While implant rupture happens rarely, the body will absorb leaked saline. If saline implants do rupture, you will be able to tell immediately. However, these implants are more prone to textural changes like rippling. Although Dr. Coville prefers to use gummy bear implants, he will use the implant you choose. He will spend as much time as you need to make sure you are happy with your choice in implants. 

Fat Transfer

By using fat taken from your body with liposuction, fat transfer breast augmentation avoids implants altogether. The procedure is perfect for women who want a smaller increase in size without an implant. You may not get the dramatic results of an implant, but you will see noticeable improvements in your size and fullness. In Dr. Coville’s hands, fat transfer to your breasts will provide the most natural look and feel of any breast augmentation procedure. 

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Is Breast Augmentation Safe?

As a surgical procedure, breast augmentation does have some risks. Dr. Coville’s skill and experience minimize the likelihood of issues. The FDA tests all new breast implant types to ensure their safety, and the types currently in use are safer than ever. The most common issues people experience with breast implants include the formation of scar tissue around the implant or changes to the implant’s texture.

How Long Does Breast Augmentation Last?

Saline and silicone implants last for many years, but not forever. The FDA recommends that you should have your implants replaced after ten to fifteen years. That is a personal decision that you can discuss with Dr. Coville during your consultation. Some women have another procedure before this time to upgrade to a new implant or address issues like scar tissue. Dr. Coville can discuss how long your implants will last and your options for replacing them. 


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